Affordables Wenger Field Timex Ironman

9 days ago
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My kids got me an Apple Watch on Black Friday and Im switching over so I have some Affordables Ive purchased or traded for that Im selling. Would like to sell as a lot if possible. I am pricing for a quick sale. Here is the list:
I have a Timex ironman shock watch that is a special addition Todd Snyder and is out of stock and unavailable from pretty much everywhere. Next is a Timex Classic 30 which is Timex newest model. The third is a 41mm Wenger with a sapphire coated crystal and three bands. Last but not least is a Wenger 42mm sapphire coated crystal 22mm canvas green band. All watches are in good shape. I have plenty of feedback in the watch deals section. Asking 75.00 for the whole lot shipped in the US. Will ship internationally at your cost and your risk. The Wenger attitude is on its way in and is currently selling on amazon for 136.00 so this is a nice chance to bulk up on some affordable watches. Will sell separately if you see something you like make an offer.