Clean-up-Listing #1--FSOT: Wenger / Swatch / Rotary

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My other listing I'm allowing to die on the vine...sold quite a few, and now it's getting convoluted, and I'm no longer allow to make
...we'll call this the 'Swiss List'; kinda like Swiss miss but not as sweet.
OK, Wenger...I have two offerings:
Wenger Squadron Chrono (Quartz) -- $80.
NO Bracelet, only a NATO. Practically new; Mint condition.
Wenger Aerograph (Quartz) -- $80.
These are getting increasingly hard to find, and this one is in Mint condition.
I've only seen it listed at one store recently, for $95.
This baby is sweet, but, it has a mineral Crystal, slightly domed for a cool distortion.
I wish I had the luxury of just collecting as many watches as I want, and just decorate the house with them.
Sadly, I'm not rich, and besides, my wife does not agree with my design tastes...LOL.
I'll offer both Wengers for $150.
Now? The Swatch that just will not go away...I've listed it multiple times in multiple threads; I know it's not because I'm asking too much, because, well, it's basically NIB, except for the 2-3 hours I wore it after initially purchased. It's $93 on New Egg (shipped), and $86 on Amazon...and I can't sell it for $40?? Shipped?
And then, there's my Rotary Aquaspeed. Yeah, the chrono's not working, and it doesn't come with the bracelet, but it keeps time well. Surely, someone who does mods watches, couldn't one just swap it out with a 3-hander dial and call it 'good'? For $35, that's got to be a good deal, right? Heck, buy the Swatch and I'll throw this in for an extra $25--$65 for both!! Bargain!!All prices are inclusive of CONUS US Shipping and PayPal Fees! International Shipping costs will be the responsibility of the buyer.
Thanks for looking!

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