Hodinkee-Swatch Sistem51 1986 Special: BNIB

20 days ago
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I somehow managed to grab two when the sale went live, before they were instantly sold out. Out of my excitement I bought two, but I need only one, so Im putting one up here.
See more info of this special edition here:https://shop.hodinkee.com/blogs/jour...eneration-1986
Out of all the Hodinkee-Swatch collaborations, this one is arguably the best looking lfront and backand the most aesthetically wearable piece.
The one Im selling has never been out of its caseit is brand new and untouched. Youll get it that way.
New and in their boxes, these are now going for $600 or more (see last picture below), but Im selling mine for only:
$295 PayPal and I ship it BNIB to you. Every serious collector must have one Swatch among their shiny Rolexes and Patek Philippe! Make it this beauty from the Hodinkee-Swatch Collaboration.
First four photos from Hodinkee, and the remainders are the one Im selling. (The last picture, however, shows what some sellers are pricing for collectors.)
This one on sale elsewhere for a pretty penny (NOT the one Im selling!):
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