BARGAIN Citizen Atessa Jetsetter Direct Flight BY0040-51L

8 days ago
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Prague, CZ

Another up for the cull unfortunately, having big doubts about this as its a rather recent purchase which I've hardly worn and on which I will have to take a big hit compared to what I paid to import it from Japan...but really have my eyes on something else, and can't afford to be raiding the bank account without selling others
Only have this for a few months, arrived from Japan in late May for my b-day and probably have not worn it more than a dozen times since then. Complete set with all box and papers (from authorized dealer in Japan, stamped receipt, dated), and the 2 spare links for the bracelet.
This is a very cool looking, purely JDM Citizen, a model not sold out of Japan, with tons of features and a very striking design (checkout those lugs!). Of course being a titanium case with duratect or whatever they call it nowadays its very light, very comfortable on the wrist, whilst at the same time being much tougher than steel in every respect. Also has a nice in-built micro-adjustment/sliding clasp, making for a very fast and accurate adjustment on the fly, so if you are like me where sometimes the watch feels tight when doing something or loose when not doing much, this very elegantly solves that problem.
The hands align absolutely spot-on, perfectly, which is expected for most Attesa models, had others before this and none disappointed.
Fits my wrist perfectly as sized now and has 2 extra full links that come with it, including of course the pins& collars. FYI, something to consider for those of you that might have wrists of Sasquatchian proportion is that this being a Japanese domestic model (JDM), it will only fit wrist up to 19-19.5cm or so (7.5-7.75"), like most JDM watches which unlike their International market cousins do not come with a much bigger bracelet (I've had some regular Citizens with a bracelet long enough to use as a chain-lock...for my motorcycle )
I paid for this around 800 plus a hefty VAT bill on arrival bringing it closer, so I think my asking price of €600 net to me + postage should be a really good BARGAIN for someone looking to impress with this unusual and feature-packed watch (within Europe, postage should be about 12 , a bit more to other places, glad to check for you if you ask)
My photos suck, as usual, hence why I include those from watchtanaka above as well as their great video that really shows this off properly.