Casio G-Shock GW-6900 White Atomic Solar hard to find

29 days ago
solar g-shocker
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Chitown, IL

Hey all.
Up for sale is my GW-6900A - atomic solar g-shock in white. I got this on the auction site and got a nice (not!) surprise. The previous owner had installed a non-solar battery in it. While it ran fine, it wasn't correct. How did I know? When I went to change the city code, I saw that the year was 2006... so I knew something was up. I installed the correct CTL-1616 solar capacitor (battery), lubed up the seal, and she's ready to go! She's got a full charge and syncs when I remember to leave it in my office. Condition is really great. No scratches on the crystal, and very few if any marks anywhere. I can really only see one mark on the band. The keeper on these is always a little different shade of white. One really big positive for me on these non-black GW-6900's is the band is wider than the stock one. For me, the stock black 6900's band always tapered too much. These are a little bit wider and it's waaaay more comfortable IMHO.
I need $65 shipped in the US to break even. I can offer a deal if you want to buy this with my Puck or my GWX-5600 but that's it. Otherwise, $65 shipped in the US, firm.