2014 Honda Grom, little trackbike with all street stuff included, low miles

almost 3 years ago
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I'm putting out a feeler for my Grom in track trim before I go ahead and put it back to street.
2013 Honda Grom
Clean CA title in hand
Registration set to Planned Non-Operation (no penalty to get it back on the street)
915 miles
It's currently set up to be a little track-bike for cheap and fun Stockton/Sears Point/etc track days ($20-$60 for a full day of riding).
This bike is a great way to build your skills, do super fun mini races (including endurance races, like the ones run by M1GP), and/or to just have a stupid fun time with low risk.
This one has been set up to have a proper suspension, which the stock Grom lacks, and all of the little bits one needs to have a good time on the track.
It has:
-Ohlins front drop-in cartridges
-Fully adjustable rear shock
-Driven rearsets which can be set for standard or GP shift
-Full exhaust
-Kitaco clutch cover - replaces the 'oil spinner' system (a horsepower-sucking boat anchor) with a proper OE Honda oil filter you can replace without taking the case off!
Also gives you a sight glass to check the oil level easily.
Also-also comes pre-plumbed for an oil cooler if you want to start hopping up the engine.
-Custom intake with pod filter
-Frame sliders
-Rear sliders/rear stand spools
-Good track rubber (Dunlop TT93 GP)
-Aluminum 36T rear sprocket
-Number plate
-Tank grip pads
It comes with all of the stock street parts - handlebars, headlight, both stock and fender-eliminated license plate mounts, stock exhaust and rearsets, everything you need to make it a plain streetbike again.
Once you go black Grom, you never go back Grom!
$2800 for all that.