2014 FZ-09...The Original Stoltec Moto FZ09!! $7400

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2014 FZ-09 Blue, Custom painted plastics, Blurple Wheels
14,730 miles
Smyrna, GA
I purchased this FZ09 from Mr. Stolten of StoltecMoto back in July of 2016. The list below is the original list of parts/mods he sent me when I inquired. Below that is the few extra mods I completed since I've owned it. I've only ridden it maybe a dozen times on the road. Nick had it setup so well for the track that I started taking it to track days, and this thing performs flawlessly. I had a slow speed low side after hitting the paint stripe on wet asphalt (in a parking lot, not the track). Nothing major, but I replaced the tank and most of the wood tech perishables to make sure it was functionally perfect. I also just wanted to have a blue tank, I bought it brand new. You will see in the pics all the stock/extra parts that come with your purchase. The dented tank came with it when I bought from Stoltec...it is still sealed and usable if you need a track tank or something like that. Please PM me with any questions you have...Honestly, though, you can read every single detail about the development of this exact bike in the StoltecMoto FZ09 build thread within this forum. It's been underway since like 2013. Stoltec Build Thread
The reason I'm selling...This bike introduced me to trackdays. Now I want to get into racing WERA. The Novice classes I'm interested in require a 600cc sport bike. So I'm just moving on to build an old R6.StoltecMoto Mod List:
-Galfer front/rear wave rotors
-Supersprox Front and rear sprockets (stock gearing)
-Ek 520 chain 112 pitch 3D GP Premium (lightest 520 chain on the market)
-Stoltec Moto lightweight wheel spacers
-90 degree valve stems
-Spiegler braided lines front and rear
-Speed Bleeders front and rear
-Galfer pads front and rear
-Stoltec Moto Rear Brake Res relocation kit
-R6 master cylinder
-Asv Unbreakable levers
-Lsl brake fluid reservoir
-Woodcraft reservoir mount
-Woodcraft Clip ons.
Includes both 1" and 1.5" risers for buyer's preference.
-GPR steering stabilizer
-USB charger
-Gel grips
-Crg bar end mirrors
-Fj09 clutch cable
-25 mm fork cartridge
-8987 triple clicker
-suspension is setup for ~195lb rider with gear
-Suter slipper clutch with 850 n spring
-Ape cct
-Akrapovic Titanium with cat
-Custom ecu flash
-Woodcraft rearsets
-Woodcraft case savers
-Woodcraft Frame sliders
-Vibranators, custom machined to accept bar ends.
-Adv monster led headlight
-Yosh fender eliminator
-Tech specs snake skin
-Anti-Gravity 8 Cell Lightweight battery, relocated for better mass centralization.
-Custom LED integrated tail light
-Custom LED flasher relay
-CNC Bomb LED front signals
-LED markers wired as turn signals
-Complete spare fuel tank (dented).
Includes fuel pump and keyed cap.
Ugly, but holds fuel and passes tech.
Also includes Tech Spec Tank grips.
-Graves block off plates
-Valves adjusted at about 8,000 miles
-Valtermoto keyless lightweight fuel filler
-Integrated flash tune harness on bike
-ALL stock parts (except for OE tail light)
-Woodcraft Lever ProtectorMy Mod List:
-Blue tank
-Custom Painted Plastics (Pic shows brake fluid dripped onto the front guard when I flushed the lines. Simple to replace the plastics if you're bothered by this or the colors.)
-Custom 2wheeldynoworks tune after I removed the cat and DB Killer
-Changed to GP shift including new quick shifter
-Comes with FlashTune harness to connect bike to your laptop. We can discuss files if you're not familiar.
-Madstad wind screen
-Chain replaced about 1000 miles ago
-Comes with Michelin Pilot Road tires in addition to the WELL used Pirellis Supercorsa SPs. Less than 500 miles on the Michelins
-You will see scratches, scuffs, etc on the swingarm (from boots), wheels (my shitty harbor freight tire changer), and levers (unnecessary to replace from the low side since they still work perfectly).
-All the woodcraft protection is so good, easy and inexpensive to replace. The engine cases are is great condition because of this.
-Currently the radiator has water wetter for Intermediate class at Sportbike Tracktime.
-I changed the oil very often...I think 4 or 5 times since I've had it. about 5,000 miles
I'm sure I'm missing a minor thing or two, but most everything is here. Here's a video of me at Road Atlanta.