2014 EBR 1190SX FS or Trade

over 1 year ago
2014 EBR 1190SX FS or Trade
Harley Davidson
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If you clicked on this ad, you probably know a lot about this bike, and you may even want one. Not for the faint of heart: it really is a superbike with no fairing. Same tuning, motor, suspension, footpegs, gearing as the 1190RX: it just has a different headlamp and slightly higher bars. It's about 335 pounds and makes over 160 hp. This is a true superbike, with world-class suspension, brakes and chassis. A far better bike than I am a rider, which is why I'm selling. There are only about 500 of these in the world and it should be ridden by someone who needs that kind of performance. I'd be happier with less juice. Too much hat, not enough Texan!
Mine is white (I have the airbox cover and tail plastic in Galactic Black, which is a sort of a root beer color as well, so you get two sets of bodywork) and has about 2000 miles on it. I am the original owner: I bought it last October new from a southern California EBR dealer. I did the initial service and have replaced the rear tire with an Angel ST; front is the original Diablo Rosso.
The only mods besides bar-end mirrors are the Oberon master cylinder (makes the bike rideable!) and a bigger rear sprocket so you can use second gear below 40 mph. title is clean, maint is up to schedule and there are no recalls or other issues I'm aware of (but this is NOT a bike for a novice owner!!!).
I'd consider an interesting motorcycle trade (I'd like a sporty naked bike with less than 100 hp, under 440 pounds) with cash to fill in the valuation gap. I do not need laptops, cars, trucks, guns, motorhomes, harleys, ex-wives, cheese graters, small appliances, pitbulls, lawn mowers or machine tools. IM is a pretty good way to reach me.