2011 Yamaha R6 with EDR build motor, Track ONLY bike

over 3 years ago
2011 Yamaha R6 with EDR build motor, Track ONLY bike
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2011 Yamaha R6
about 10k miles on the odometer, actual motor mileage is less than 500
very recent professionally built motor at EDR!!
I want to be clear that this bike is a track ONLY motorcycle. It does not even have a VIN number on the frame. The previous owner crashed it and had it rebuilt on a new frame from Yamaha. EDR built it and rebuilt the motor as well. I have the original frame, and a title for that frame - for whatever thats worth
All the components of the 2011 bike are present (wheels, forks, harness, controls, tank etc), as well as the motor cases which do match the otherwise useless title.
I bought it, took some sweet parts off of it for myself, sold the rest, brought it back to where it sits today, which is mostly stock with the exception of
swingarm spools
tank sliders
Vortex fuel tank cap
GoodRidge steal braided brake lines up front
fiberglass fairings (obviously)
...aaand of course the EDR built motor u kno, which to get the full benefits out of it, you will want to buy a fuel controller and exhaust of your choice. I do still have the Bazzaz with quickshifter (standard) which is mapped for the motor, it is not installed on the bike.
The bike had been sitting for a couple years since I bought it, so I went ahead and changed all the fluids. Brake fluid, radiator, engine oil and filter. Myself and another rider have test ridden the bike at Sonoma, and both agree it runs super strong for being on stock mapping and exhaust. It is a very solid razor blade of a machine. I'd keep it as a B bike, but I want my 2nd trackbike to be a literbike...
I'll post it only here on teh BARFz for 2 weeks, then its going to the Craigslist masses....
$5200 with the Bazzaz
$4800 without
....jeeezeezzzz the motor almost is worth that...
These prices are FIRM.
I will not "take $4000" for the bike; maybe if its still around mid April.... but I doubt it will be. So the question is: do you think you're lucky? well do ya?! PUNK!!