2002 Suzuki TL1000R - Full Yoshimura

over 2 years ago
Harley Davidson
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San Carlos, CA

This is a 2002 Suzuki TL1000R. It has the full Yoshimura exhaust system. Not just bolt on cans. This is the full system with the lighter stainless exhaust manifold, mid pipes and cans that are all connected via springs. It is lighter and has better airflow. The ECU has also been adjusted 5-10-5 with a Yoshimura box to give the fuel needed for more airflow. The installed TRE un-restricts the electronic timing-retard obstruction. The aftermarket levers just work better. The 520 conversion shaves 3 pounds of rotational weight without losing strength. All the common TLR mods are done and done properly. The new Michelin tires are very tacky. This V-twin is special because it sounds like a Harley, but unlike a Harley, this bike is fast and handles a lot better. People hear it and look, then they look again.
This bike is PNO'd (Planned Non-Operation) so you can register it when ever you like.
Excellent condition. Never down. Always garaged. Clean title in hand. Thanks for looking!
1/1/2016 27,821 Oil Change - Castrol 10w-40
1/2/2016 27,821 Oil Filter - 16510-07J00
1/2/2016 27,821 BMC 163/04 Air Filter with Joe-V air-flow mod
1/15/2016 27,823 New EBC Organic Brake Pads Rear
1/18/2016 27,821 Flushed the Coolant - Prestone 50/50 - 2.5qts
1/18/2016 27,821 New NGK Iridium Spark Plugs CR9EIX
1/18/2016 27,823 Put the rear plug in 'dealer mode' with jumper. No errors. c00
1/19/2016 27,823 New Michelin Power 2CT Tires 180/55/17 and 120/60/17
1/19/2016 27,823 New Clutch Rod 09283-06008
1/19/2016 27,823 New Clutch Rod Seal (SV1000) 09283-06008
1/20/2016 27,823 New JT 17t - 40t 520 Sprockets
1/28/2016 27,823 New Tail Sticker - right 68135-02FD0-3SP
1/28/2016 27,823 New Tail Sticker - left 68145-02FD0-3SP
1/28/2016 27,823 New Rear 'Suzuki' sticker - 68131-39F00-0JW
2/1/2016 27,823 New Timing Retard Eliminator - Danos TRE
2/8/2016 27,823 Repacked both mufflers with new fiberglass
2/17/2016 27,823 New Front turn signal lights
3/5/2016 27,937
New Black CNC Long Brake and Clutch Levers