2001 FZ1. Fast, comfortable, inexpensive

over 3 years ago
2001 FZ1. Fast, comfortable, inexpensive
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2001 FZ1, 51k miles.
1% to BARF if it sells on BARF.
I've owned this bike for a bit over 2 years, but the last 30k miles are mine.
*Clean California title in my name
*S1000RR shock
*Custom seat.
*2-piece Zero Gravity screen.
I also have a couple of other screens that came with it that I never tried, because the ZG is awesome for me.
*Recent braided steel brake lines
*Delkevic can
*4 degree timing advance
*extendable, folding mirrors for easy filtering.
It also comes with the OEM mirrors, and if I still have them, some bar-end mirrors that were on it when I bought it.
*mirror block off plates
*LED driving lights
*Normally on front flashers
*Extra tail/brake light
*highway pegs
*dyno plot showing 125hp on Nor Cal Cycles dyno
Maintenance related stuff:
*Pirelli Angel GT tires have plenty of life left, especially in front.
Rear is a little squared--but if you like to turn there's virgin rubber at the edges.
*DID Chain seems to be in good shape--never seems to need adjustment
*Valves were adjusted at 30k miles by elskipador
*Major radiator hoses replaced, also by elskipador.
*I think both throttle cables are recent as well.
Clutch cable is not.
*fork oil, bushings and seals are fresh--I've had them replaced twice during my ownership as preventative maintenance.
I've mostly used this for commuting, with a few day-trips and in October, a 1200 mile long-weekend trip though Northern California and Eastern Oregon.
Why I'm selling:
Recently an arm injury gave my trouble operating a clutch.
I bought a DCT bike to commute on then.
And now I don't really have room for 3 bikes.
Tonight when I got home from work on the FZ1, I had to move my car out of my garage to park the bike in. I wasn't going to put a cover on the FZ1 while it was wet, and wasn't going to leave it out in tonight's rain uncovered.
My other bikes are filling up my covered bike parking.
Right now there are Givi top and side racks on the bike.
I'm planning to remove them--at least the side racks.
But if you pay for it before I do they're yours if you want them.
I have big and small cases available too.
The bad:
I think it looks good for the years and miles, but it's not new, and doesn't look like a showroom bike.
There are scuffs on the belly plastic--I laid it on it's side once in my driveway, when I neglected to put the side stand down, and I think that was the cause.
The paint on the tank is a little scratched, maybe a jacket or sleeve rubbing on it.
The mirror stalks are a bit rusty.
Previous owner liked to tinker/farkle, and I didn't approve of all his accessory wiring. I cleaned up some but not all of the wiring I didn't like.
More detailed photos should follow soon.