***1938-39 Vega Triumphal (Art Deco) w/ Original HS Case***

almost 2 years ago
Mark Helm
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Tennessee, USA

Hey, gang!
What I have here is a wonderful late 1930s Vega Advanced Model Hawaiian lap steel (also known as the "Triumphal") w/ its original hard shell case in great shape.
This little guitar REALLY sings--exceptional output, and quite a solid little player.
Vega was out of Boston, and this model, the Triumphal, was first made in 1938; its slick black deco design with white pyralin stripes and color-coded fret markers recall both the Epiphone Electar Model M Hawaiian and the National New Yorker. Around 1940, the design changed to natural flamed maple, which makes me pretty confident concerning the dating.
Most of what I know about this steel comes from some pics I found on-line and this ad from Vega's 1939 catalog:
And so, it's my guess the pickup is not original (although it's in amazingly good nick w/ terrific output, great sound, and no buzz using my Vox AC10 tube combo). The original pickup cover is missing, but I'll throw in one you can install (see pics) unless you want to find something even closer to the original. The tuners are also new additions (and work great).
The original HS case is really neat, with an attractive blue lining and two inside storage pockets.
Both latches even pop right up (which is pretty darn good for something born before 1940!).
So--I was thinking $375 and I'll pay for the shipping (you can also trust me to pack it professionally, too).
Just PM me if you're interested.
The original red felt pad was removed; this one could be easily switched out if so desired.
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