Warehouse (WGS) 12 Speaker. 8 ohms

over 1 year ago
Kenny Howard
Available on
Steel Guitar Forum
Salem, OR

$50 + shipping
The Warehouse (WGS) G12C/S (S: Smooth Cone) is definitely inspired by the Jensen C12N.
The power rating is 75 watts (vs the Jensens 50 watts). The tonal difference is the smoother & sweeter top end.
Good speaker for vintage Fenders. For steel guitar, the tone is warm & clean.
I acquired the WGS earlier this year during a 1974 Deluxe Reverb restoration. However, the original Fender speaker sounds too good to replace. So, this guys just not needed.
Prior owner (from the Forum) said he wasnt certain how many hours the speaker has played.
But, he thought perhaps 100 to 200 hours on it.
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