MSA 8 String Super Slide-$1150

almost 2 years ago
MSA 8 String Super Slide-$1150
Robert Sands
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Steel Guitar Forum
New Jersey, USA

I'm selling my 8 string Super Slide Lap Steel. In like new/mint condition. Comes with the stand, freedom bar (allowing the player the play the steel standing up), 2 pickups - the original George L Humbucker as well as a Jerry Wallace TrueTone single coil. Besides the black pick guard that is on the instrument, I have an extra white mother of toilet seat one. Original MSA padded soft case. The reason why I'm selling it is because I've decided to concentrate on 6 string lap steel (I have several) and if I need an 8 string I also have a dual neck Fender Stringmaster I could use. So the Super Slide is just overkill at this point. (Ironically, it can actually be turned into a 6 or 7 string with a kit that they sell but I never went that route). I paid close to $2000 for the Super Slide with all of the extras including the TrueTone pickup (killer pickup). This is one of the very best lap steels ever made - an absolutely stunning, rich sound and plays wonderfully. A very well made, pro instrument. Never taken out of my home. In perfect condition. Whatever the cost of shipping I will split with you.