Accessories For Sale

over 2 years ago
Tony Edwards
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Steel Guitar Forum
Six Mile, South Carolina

I have for sale a variety of items.
I will sell them all together in a package deal, or I will sell each item separate.
Shown in picture above is:
5- Cobra Coil 9th strings [.034 gauge] for Steel Guitar
4- Rubber feet for steel guitar legs
4- Casters for amplifier [pin type, pin holes included]
3- 1ft. pedal cables [new]
2- Fred Kelly Delrin Freedom Picks [new]
2- Long and Large metal finger picks [no brand]
1- Korg Chromatic CA 30 Tuner
1- RMS GT 1000 Tuner
1- Bar and Tuning wrench holder
1- Pouch for holding accessories
1- Ernie Ball 7/8" Bar
1- Behringer DR 600 Digital Reverb Pedal w/ adapter [new]
1- Foam pull rod silencer [new]
$75.00 shipped for everything.
OR if there is an item you want out of the list just let me know.
Thanks for looking!_________________CLR Custom SD10 3 & 5 Steel, Quilter Steelaire, Evans SE 200,
Peavey Vegas 400, Fender Steel King, Fender Frontman, Roland JC-120 Amps. Goodrich Low Boy Pedal, Nu-Generation & Ben's Bars. Taylor T-3b, Gibson SST, Gibson ES 330.