1974 Sho Bud Pro III (really nice)

over 1 year ago
1974 Sho Bud Pro III (really nice)
Henry Matthews
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Texarkana, Ark USA

Selling my Pro III as bad as I hate to but cant warrant
owning 3 guitars so the Emmons stay. This guitar is really nice. I took pics outside in direct sunlight so you can see how really nice it is. Its an 8&4, Day setup now but one of the easiest guitars Ive even owned to change setups. It has just a very few bar dings, one little one even with 3rd fret on E9th and leading edge of back apron. The pics show these and look more prominant in pics than in real life. End plates are pristine as is the pedal bar. Case is also great shape with Sho Bud paper work. The extra holes Im told were pre drilled at factory and can tell they have never had screws in most of them.
As far as tone, this guitar really sounds better than my bolt on Emmons. Smooth and even all over with great sustain. This guitar is heavy and big and Id really hate to ship it. The weight is one reason Im keeping my Emmons. Its heavier than my push pull. Guitar alone is 50lbs and case is 20 according to my scales. I would be willing to meet someone half way within reason. $2500 plus shipping if I have to or $50 gas money.
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