Sweet Early 60s Blonde Fender 400 -Jaguar P/U (Needs Pedals)

about 2 years ago
Mark Helm
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Steel Guitar Forum
Tennessee, USA

This is an early 60s (63ish, can't be sure), Fender 400 pedal steel in really sweet condition.
Blonde finish compares almost exactly to my '58 Stringmaster.
Has that awesome-sounding Jaguar P/U...
...and everything in the undercarriage seems to be in order.
Just needs pedals.
Asking $600 + shipping (but I will pack and ship professionally and safely).
Case works fine, latches pop right up, just missing Fender badge.
Oh--And I promise to tidy up next time before I take pics. Just PM me if interested._________________Blonde 1957 T8 Fender Stringmaster, 1956 Fender "White" Studio Deluxe 6-String, 1937 Rickenbacher Silver Hawaiian, Vox AC10, Epiphone Casino (Lennon Model), Danelectro Longhorn Bass, Hofner Club Bass, Ibanez AVC6 Acoustic, Ernie Ball MVP Volume and various pedals.