1990 Corrado with VR6 Swap

8 months ago
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This car was a daily driver for me until I bought a 1997 VW Golf GTI Drivers Edition. Its a solid car that drives well. Located in Atlanta, GA, clean title in hand, asking $3,500.
The original G60 engine was swapped out by a previous owner for a distributor VR6 from (I think) a 1992 or 1993 Passat. I believe the instrument cluster is also from the same Passat and has the digital odometer, which reads 170,715 miles. When I bought the car, it read approximately 148,000 miles, but was inoperable, along with the speedometer. When the swap was done, they did not run a wire from the vehicle speed sensor on the transmission to the instrument cluster, so that was the first thing I did after purchasing the car.
A previous owner also repainted the car. The original color was a dark green metallic. This same previous owner, prior to selling the car to the person I bought it from, resprayed the hood and roof with a single-stage paint that has seen its better days.
I replaced the painted-panel sunroof with a glass-top sunroof from a 1997 Passat.
I was involved in a low speed, rear-end collision. Body work was done to repair the minor damage by a friend who does professional body-work repair. The rear bumper was replaced with a like-new, dark burgundy bumper. My intention was to repaint the entire car back to factory color after the repair, but I never got around to it.
The engine still purrs like a kitten and lets be honest, it growls like a tiger when you really get on it. It has a new fuel pump, remanufactured fuel injectors, exhaust header, possibly aftermarket cams, SPAL electric cooling fans that are manually controlled, relatively new crack pipe and thermostat housing, spark plug wires, distributor cap & rotor, water pump, auxiliary water pump, radiator, a few coolant hoses, and starter.
The ignition cylinder has been replaced, and all locks (both door handles, hatch, and glove compartment) were rekeyed to match the ignition cylinder. Exterior door handles have been repaired as well (each handle has a metal lever on the inside along with a few other parts), and the handles work like a dream now.
The speed-activated rear spoiler sort of works, but it really needs to be taken apart, cleaned, and lubed to achieve full functionality.
The E-Code Headlights are relayed for better light output; however, the high-beam relays failed and have not been replaced, and the fog lights are not working.
The wheels are Sato Racing and tires are stock 195/50/15. The tires have a fair amount of meat left on them.
The black leather interior is still in pretty good shape, though the drivers side bolster has a split, as well as the right rear passenger head rest. The cargo panel is full and intact without any holes having been cut to fit speakers into it. The head unit is a Kenwood KDC-X792 and has a USB cable for it run into the glove box. The subs are MP Audio DVC 10s (I cant remember if theyre 4ohm or 8ohm) in a sealed Kicker enclosure, driven by a Kicker ZR360 amp. The aftermarket speakers in the doors, dash, and rear are driven by an Alpine 4-channel amp.
I also have a box of various parts that will come along with the car.
[IMG https://i.imgur.com/klg2zeQ.jpg[/IMG]