Supercharged 1990 1.6

11 months ago
Supercharged 1990 1.6
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Selling our 1990 Miata to another good home.
We are the 2nd owners with the first being my wifes grandfather who purchased it new in 1990.
Original A package car with AC, PS, vlsd & hardtop.
I have most service records going back to 1993 and all records in our ownership since 2011.
Its been garage kept since 2016.
114k original miles on unopened 1.6.
Supercharged for the last ~12,000miles.
Its been modified over the last 3-4 years.
The 1.6 now rocks a custom M62 (gen2) Mercedes housing/GM rotor pack hybrid supercharger with all JRSC m45 brackets/supporting parts.
The supercharger is currently unthrottled and is loud!
I have boxes of parts, spare TB, etc for putting on a dual TB setup if wanted.
Current setup with OEM exhaust is 180whp/180wtq according to virtual dyno (16psi).
Its street tuned with megasquirt and gets 25+mpg on 93.
Runs amazing, no stalling, or hot restart issues.
A few negatives with a 30-year car.
The car was resprayed in 2007 (red w/ small amount of yellow flake) and shows some small bubbles at the right light.
Its worse on the trunk & hardtop.
One quarter sized rust spot on the driver rear fender.
The hardtop paint is flaking around the bottom lip and the seal is just starting to come up on the passenger side.
It has a few small dents/scratches on the door, headlight, & rear bumper.
The rear bumper was tapped by a F150 and has small wavy marks that Ive painted over.
AC & emissions hardware has been deleted.
Has a small rear oil pan leak.
Here are some of the modifications:
- full chassis bracing, RB sways, Bilsteins spec coilovers
- konig wideopen 15x8 +25 w/ 205-50-15 direzza 2s (2016 dot date & 10k mi)
-original interior in good shape with nardi 330mm wheel, revlimiter gauges
-hybrid NB2 seats & original NA seats
-MS2pnp w/ 640cc FF injectors (sequential), vTPS, Toyota COPS
-m62 SC w/ NB outlet, NB nose, 62.5mm pulley, 150mm crank, custom porting & intake
-2.25 cobalt dual exhaust, metal cat, raceland header (OEM exhaust included)
-2.5 intercooler, piping, & snow performance water injection
-coolant reroute & mishimoto radiator
-2003 NB 5-speed, supermiata 4 puck clutch & PP, ebay 10lb flywheel (zero noise)
-2003 3.9 torsen swap, 1.8 brakes all around w/ Porterfield pads
Includes: OEM daisy wheels, spare, tool kit & jack, two sets of seats, 1.6 brakes, OEM steering wheel, two exhausts, 1.6 ECU, valve cover, boxes of parts, receipts, manuals, MS tuning files, etc.
Asking $7,500.
Located in Ocean Pines, MD.
Full build sheet/parts, pictures, & videos for serious inquires.