93LE Teardrop (Harley Tank) Speaker Covers

10 months ago
93LE Teardrop (Harley Tank) Speaker Covers
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Charlotte, North Carolina

Having transitioned to an NB, I'm whittling down my "some day" (never comes) stash of project items. Among the most desirable - these chrome speaker covers.
As just about everyone here knows, these were only offered on the 1500 93LEs in the United States. They're a little more common overseas, which is where these were purchased.
Often you'll see them listed without the screws or black grille covers, which are really full backing plates - the full plates are included here.
They still shine brightly, which means you'll notice some scuffs and a small ding or two if you look closely (see closeups). It's pretty much impossible to not have some scuffing on a 25-year-old part placed inside the footwell of a car - these are about as good as you'll find anywhere.
Available at $149 plus shipping - price is very firm.