2010 NC with RFT2 turbo $13.5K

11 months ago
2010 NC with RFT2 turbo $13.5K
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Watts Bar Lake

6 speed GT with all the options. 60K, turbo on for the last ~10K. Ohlins just rebuilt over the winter by Ohlin in SC. Two sets of wheels/tires. OEM set with Michelin AS3, approx 50% left, rims are not perfect. JDM 16x8 RX7 rims, not the common ones you see all the time, very nice condition. They have Continental ECS tires that have less than 4K. Rotors and pads are new, ceramic non-dusty pads. I have a Goodwin SS midpipe with two resonators. OEM midpipe is off the car, but I have it. It also has a Racing Beat
header with a TDR blanket.
It has all the bracing available underneath and a Cobalt tower brace in front. I have all the original suspension and braces.
Car shines and interior and top are in good condition. Everything works as new.
I swapped the original grill for a Sport grill as it flows much better. I have run it all over the SE with an OBD scanner and temps are not an issue, even when climbing aggressively.
I installed a FM happy meal clutch as the stock clutch could not hold the power. All
maintenance stuff has been done on a timely basis. I bought the car with 13K on it from an older gent, always been a garaged southern non-snow car.
If you want/need to smog it I have the original header and/or a Walker 59599 cat would replace the front resonator on the GWR midpipe. It may need a touch up on the tune depending on how picky the inspection is.