WTS '97 Miata 1.8, needs some work, $3K.

11 months ago
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'97 Miata 1.8, some say these are becoming collectable.
My original plan was to make it a Locost (Lotus 7 replica) parts donor, then Mom sat in it and claimed it as hers.
I put about $2400.00 into it including an engine and trans swap, new timing belt, clutch, flywheel, silicon hoses, new tires, etc.
It's been fun and reliable but has taken on the too common Miata trait of using oil.
I'm pretty certain it's the valve stem seals, still runs strong but is beginning to smoke a bit.
Convertible top is still pretty good but a seam above the glass rear window is letting go.
I have eight other cars to work on that are easier for me as I despise computers and EFI.
The Good!
Has a fair amount of whiz-bang suspension upgrade bits, Tokico shocks, roll-bar, aluminum radiator, 205/50-15's, etc.
Body is actually very good but not perfect, with intact end caps and a strait bonnet (Hood).
Great start on a track or auto-X car build. Already has racing stripes!
Never overheats, good oil pressure, everything but AC works (Never refilled it after engine swap.) seems to be getting about 35MPG of fuel and uses 2 quarts of oil per tank of gas.
Still really a little too good for a parts donor but once it's yours that is all up to you.
Since the body is actually pretty good a fair amount of the purchase price could be recovered in parts sales.
The Bad.
The bad is that once again it will not pass a SMOG check without some repairs.
An exchange rebuilt head is about $600.00, maybe less if you have a local machine shop that can do the valve job.
Convertible top is still water-tight except that the glass rear window needs stitching above the zipper.
In addition to the complete Nevada titled car I will include the original 1.8 engine and transmission with accessories.
The engine ran great but used a lot of oil.
This provides two of everything for the drivetrain.
A buyer could rebuild the original engine and swap it back in.
NOT going to be held responsible for this car passing CA smog.
If Kali buyer it's only sold as PARTS and I will write that on the title!
CASH, no trades.
If this ad is still up it is still available.
I am in Yerington Nevada 89447, can deliver by trailer to Gardnerville, Carson City, or Reno after payment in full for a small fee.
To get it delivered further than that the buyer must make all arrangements.