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Hello, my name is Giacomo and I live in Italy. Im a 34 mechanical engineer and first of all I wish to thank staff for accepting me as a sponsor member.
Id like to introduce a new product that I already make since 2013 for other car brands and that Ive now
developed for all MX-5 from NB to ND.
Its a steering wheel spacer that makes the OEM steering wheel come 2 closer to the driver, keeping the airbag and steering wheel commands working.
The product is something totally new on the market, all engineered, CAD designed and CNC manufactured by me.
What is its purpose and which are the advantages of it? It depends on how do you like to live your car.
Do you like to enjoy your MX-5 as is, but youre 6ft+ tall and wish to improve the driving position? Or do you like also to tune your car, use it for track days too and/or make custom mods that improves the overall driving feeling and makes your MX-5 something that you feel customized and stitched on you?
Let me first show how is it made and how does it fits on the car. Basically is an extension, made in 2 parts bolted together. Both have spline, same as the steering wheel and the steering column. The female splined hub is aluminum made, like the steering where core. It slides on the steering column shaft and its secured on it with the OEM nut that already holds the steering wheel in place.
The male splined hub is an exact replica of the steering column shaft, its bolted on the alu hub and it is where youre going to secure the steering wheel, using another nut included in the kit, which is exactly the same that was already on the car, in fact you can swap them.
The aluminum hub has some slots inside, like the OEM steering wheel core, and theyre made to allow the passage of the OEM wires that goes from the steering angle sensor to the airbag and wheel commands.
The aluminum hub is machined in a way that its external surface works as a cover that makes an OEM look junction between the rear of the steering wheel and the dashboard.
Fitting the spacer on the car makes the same final effect of fitting an aftermarket steering wheel: the new
steering wheel position is closer to the drivers body. The difference is that youre not going to have an aftermarket steering wheel on the car, but youll keep your OEM steering wheel, OEM look of cars interior, you wont need to fit a resistance because you wont need to turn off airbags warning light; your horn will work as before and if you have steering wheel commands you wont need to relocate them or to give up leaving them disconnected.
The purpose of the spacer changes depending on how you intend to use it.
Many tall people complain about the lack of telescopic adjustment of the OEM steering wheel, which cause knees hitting the steering column, and force people to drive with overbent legs in order to hold the steering wheel in the correct way. In this case, you can fit the spacer and slide the seat backward: you still hold the steering wheel in the correct way, but you will gain room for your legs.
If you like a racing driving position, you can drive with the steering wheel close to you, but you can do it without fitting an aftermarket steering wheel. So, if your car is both for track day and daily driver can be a solution.
If you aim to a full track day car, with racing seats, no A/C and all what it needs to loose weight, you wont need the spacer, and aftermarket steering wheels will work much better.
The steering wheel extender comes as in the pictures, already black anodized, and it has different inside dimensions from NB to ND cars, even if the spline coupling is the same, to ensure perfect matching with the interior.
The price is 200
per kit, plus shipment cost by carrier. Its made and located in Monza, Italy. You only have to specify for which car you need it.
Payment can be done by paypal and for any question just write here, or a PM.

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