revlimiter Gauges for the ND

5 months ago
Available on
95 FM2: Sharka

I've owned an ND cluster since 2016. I've been thinking and working on this for a years. I bought an entire ND to help make these with. And now... ND GAUGES FINALLY EXIST!!!
ND Gauges at the revlimiter Store
I have five designs to kick things off with. More will be joining them soon.
All gauges are available for ND1 and ND2. You can choose to delete the shift screen or retain it if you need to see the gear number. (I hate being nagged to shift into 6th at 35 mph.) And if there's a gauge design for the NA that you really like, you can always ask me to make it for the ND. I should be able to modify any of them to work on the ND cluster.
I only have US-spec gauges to sell at current as I don't know what warning lights and speed ranges exist for this cluster. If you have a non-US cluster, I'll need some help before making gauges for you.
Check out more pix and info in the revlimiter Store.
I can't believe I can finally say "I make gauges for every Miata ever made."