New "Corsa-330" OEM+ steering wheel (~330mm size) from GuardianDesigns!

2 months ago
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Excited to announce our newest steering wheel model for the ND MX-5... 'Corsa-330'!
This wheel features several of our exclusive innovations: approximately 330mm wheel diameter... ~35mm (~1.4") smaller diameter than the factory wheel! This gives an amazing improvement in driving feel, turn-in, and legroom that transforms the ND into a full-on mini-exotic! And like all of our wheels it follows our OEM+ philosophy so it keeps all OEM functionality (airbag, horn, cruise control, radio/bluetooth).
rim is thicker with oval profile (same as all our Corsa models) for optimal comfort and road feel and also has subtle ergonomic grip shaping at 3 & 9.
expertly judged subtle thumb rests and rim padding for balanced road feel and comfort (same as all our Corsa models).
Pricing for the new Corsa-330 is $799 USD.
So lets celebrate launch: first 3 orders will get special launch review pricing of $699 USD (with agreement to post a short review here on with their installed photos and their driving impressions).
Available to order immediately at our website on the ND MX-5 steering wheel page:

The rest of the GD story our many customers and fellow miata/driving enthusiasts know well by now
We expertly craft every steering wheel to individual customer order (lots of design choices!) in our very own workshop in Europe (Poland). And we only use the finest automotive-grade Nappa leathers, Alcantaras, and stitching threads, all sourced from Italy and Germany.
We feel the ND Corsa-330 model is our best example yet of the 'OEM+ design philosophy' that has guided us since our founding 5 (!) years ago design that makes GD wheels look+feel+function 'at home' in the MX-5 interior while delivering huge gains in driving feel and joy.
Can you tell we are excited about the Corsa-330?!