ND Supercharger Limited Time Offer: FREE SHIPPING AND $500 REBATE!

11 months ago
Available on
San Diego, CA

The REBATE from last year that had us selling out of all the kits we had last December is back for a limited time!
And we have kits in stock, AND FREE SHIPPING TOO!
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Edelbrock Intercooled ND Miata Supercharger Kits SHIPPING DAILY!
Engineered exclusively for the 2.0L SkyActiv-G I4 engine
Features a compact design with a short, less restrictive, intake path for improved air flow that fits under the stock hood
Designed from the ground-up and utilizes the Eaton Gen VI 900 TVS rotor assembly for maximum efficiency in a compact package
Supplied with preformed hoses for ease of installation - no trimming required
Self contained oil system with 100,000 mile service interval
Tuner Kit shipping...click HERE for details and only to NON-CARB states.
CARB KIT also shipping daily!
Click HERE for CARB kit details.