GTech Pro RR for sale

11 months ago
Robert (Randy) Acorcey
Available on
Cherry Hill, NJ

Bought this item a few years back anticipating doing my own quarter mile times (where else? On the street, late at night!), rather than have to find time to go to Atco Dragway.
But my car wound up (as some of you already know) on the MIA list.
So I never got to use it.
I was rather impressed at the time with others that were actually using it at the track themselves, and the relative accuracy this device provided, especially compared to the track's real timing devices.
Plus, this model gives you HP figures as well.
Now that I'm getting the car back together again, in a relatively stock mode, I really have no further use for this item.
It is still brand new in the box, never used.
They currently sell for between $350 and $400.
I am looking for $199, and you pay for shipping.
It's a great tool when you just don't have the time for the track.
Here's a link to the manual if you want to check it out: