FCM Elite Fat Cat MotorSports 2 way adjustable remove reservoir coilovers + Extras

3 months ago
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Jacksonville, FL

Will fit all NA-NB 1990-2005 Miata
Top of the line FCM Elite Double Adjustable remote Reservoir coilovers.
These are the baddest coilovers that Shaikh offers. Retailed for $3687
Read all about these coilovers here
Coilovers are approx 5 years old, with very few miles on them, about 5k.
Were mostly used for competitive nationals autox and driving to/from events.
Everything works as it should.
I am including a whole suite of Eibach springs, so you can customize your ride from mild to WILD.
springs included 2 per set. (800, 750, 700, 550, 450, 400) thats right 6 sets of springs.
Want a plush street ride? put on the 550/400 springs
Ready to rip the track? 750/450 and rip up the track.
Ready to step up to 245 tires or slicks? put the 800/550 on.
Counting the cost of these coilovers new, plus all the extra Eibach springs, we are at about $4300.
Asking $1800 SHIPPED. plus paypal fees or no fees with Zelle bank to bank transfer.