89mm Wiseco 9.5:1 Forged Pistons

4 days ago
john v
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Bought these from deshuL a couple months ago intending to use them in my build. I ended up putting something with a little more compression ratio in there instead given that my motor only sees E85, so I never ended up using these.
Standard bore 2.5L (89mm), 9.5:1 compression ratio, so great for a build using stock or mildly upgraded cams. Also great for boosted applications running pump premium fuel, or E85 for that matter.
deshuL has a thread on his build which shows that he ran these for a brief period of time. He initially installed them backwards and turned the engine over by hand which caused intake valve to piston contact, nicking the pistons. It's very minor and my plan was just to run them as is.
These come with a set of rings installed (gaps may work as is) plus a set of new rings that have not been gapped. They also come with pins and locks. What you see is what you get. I believe deshuL may have a set of rods he doesn't need that go with these as well, PM him if interested to see if he has them and wants to sell.
I paid $310 shipped which I think was a fair price considering they are over $600 shipped from Fab9, so that's what I'd like for them. PM or email johnvitamvas at gmail dot com if interested.