MiataSpeed NC Stainless Steel Brake Lines

8 months ago
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Santa Clara, CA

MiataSpeed Stainless Steel Brake Lines for the NC Miata.
When subjected to heat and hard braking, the stock rubber lines eventually begin to flex, causing a spongy brake pedal and inconsistent braking. Our stainless lines feature a teflon inner hose which is then reinforced by a stainless braiding. The lines are then coated with a PVC shielding to prevent dirt from abrading the hose, causing leakage or complete loss of braking. Protective covering is absolutely essential for stainless brake lines on a street car or track car! The PVC does its job perfectly and looks good doing it too.
These lines are DOT approved and can be used safely on the street. Accept no substitute!
The result is the toughest and most feature complete brake line that we have come across and it's completely bolt on and customized for the NC Mazda MX-5. At home on a daily driver or track car, we give these brake lines two thumbs up as a perfect entry level modification.
Available in red and smoke exclusively from MiataSpeed!