Acrylic wind restricter from MX5-Things

2 months ago
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Bay City, MI 48706

I posted this earlier but I cannot find the post. I am returning my 2018 GT to bone stock so I have a like new, acrylic wind restricter. Ive had it in my car for less than six months and it is in excellent condition. No scratches or smudges. It has MAZDA engraved in it. I had is as a pick up only but I will be able to ship it. I paid $140 for it from MX5 Things which included the $20 shipping charge. I am asking $90 for it which includes shipping. (Shipping charge is $20)PM me if interested. It installs very simply. Take the stick one out and pop the new one in. Then adjust the two side black plastic thingamebobs to hold it tightly between the roll bars.