Spinnaker w/ snuffer and ATN Tacker

almost 2 years ago
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Georgetown MD (Sassafras River).

Location: Georgetown MD (Sassafras River).
Price: asking price $1300.
This came from a 42' sailboat but would probably fit many other sizes. The sail is in OK shape. The snuffer is OK except there are a few small holes. The ATN Tacker is in very good condition. Here are the dimensions of the sail:
Leech 51' (following the curve)
Luff 45' (following the curve)
Foot 26'
Head to Clew (in a straight line) 49'
It fits well on my boat which has these dimensions:
I: 57.67'
J: 16.50'
P: 45.67
E: 15.50
Forestay length: 54'
Snuffer is 45' long.
New the ATN Tacker and the snuffer sell for about $239 (Tacker) and $540 (snuffer $12/ft X 45 ft). I imagine the sail would be a few thousand dollars. I do not know the weight of the sail material. Local pickup preferred. Delivery to mid/upper Chesapeake bay possible.