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over 2 years ago
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Bubbles, my trusty 1994 XR650L is up for sale.
She has been my ride for the last four of my annual Baja trips in 2014 2015 2016 and 2017.
I've put it pretty much back stock with a few exceptions which I will note and no I dont have ANY farkles to sell.
So please dont ask.
Attached are pictures as it sits today in my garage.
The bike was purchased from a fellow Barfer with with just over 7k miles on it.
It has been used exclusively for my Baja trips and a Sheet Iron.
I have put another 5k on it since purchasing it.
The stock odometer that will come with the bike shows the mileage as purchased (I immediately mounted a Trailtech computer amongst many other items.)
Each year the bike has been torn down and thoroughly gone through to ensure a reliable bike for my trips.
Parts like bearings are either serviced or replaced on regular intervals.
A new Weisco forged piston, rings, one over bore, along with a valve job and new OEM valve stem seals were added last year before the 2017 trip.
It has no more than 500 miles on it since then.
I didnt do the top end because it failed, I did it as part of a maintenance schedule.
If you know me, I believe in maintaining bikes so they dont fail and IMO, motor rebuilds are part of maintaining and sorting out a bike.
My bike maintenance philosophy is pretty well documented here.
Other than the Dave's mod and some minor jetting, the OEM carb and engine are pretty much stock to ensure reliability.
The forks and shock are relatively fresh with
.48 springs in front and stock in back.
Stock wiring is all intact and everything works including the warning lights on the dash.
The horn is not mounted but will come with the bike for new owner along with the passenger pegs.
What isnt stock is the Acerbis headlight, WPS tailight, Tusk fender bag (no tool kit will come with this bike), gripper seat cover, shorty levers, mirror, and an XR400r front fender (less droopy looking than the XR650L's.)
In addition I have spare throttle, clutch, choke cables, a few jets, and counter shaft sprockets.
The wearable items like clutch, wheel bearings, brake pads, chain, and sprockets are in usable condition (though certainly not new.)
The bike as pictured has not been touched since last years trip other than removing items I am keeping, draining the carb and putting on a tender.
It isnt a garage queen, but has solid reliable, and documented history of maintenance and use.
Will make someone an great economical dualsport or platform for their own adventure bike.
I'll be happy to walk through every nut and bolt with any new owner along with suggestions of what I would do next to maintain the bike.
If its sold on Barf before this years Baja trip, I will let it go $2600.
$100 of that will go directly to Barf.
Other than items previously listed, I will also include a nearly new set of knobbies with just a few miles on them and an additional Maxxis Desert IT rear with a little more than 1/2 its life left.
For kickstart purists, I also include a rough XR600R right side case if you want to do the conversion.
If it doesnt sell at that price prior to our trip, I will take this post down, detail the bike, takes some nice pics, and relist for more this spring.
If you have been looking for XR650Ls, you know this bottom price of the market for them.
If you find one cheaper in someones barn that hasnt been maintained for a decade, buy it.
I dont need to give this one away.
Its more than a very fair and low price.
Lastly, bike is located at my Lake County property.
Will deliver to southern Marin or the Marina district of the city for buyer if needed.

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