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MiataSpeed X SakeBomb Garage RZ+ FORGED COMPETITION WHEELS (17X9 +45)
With the limited choices for quality forged wheel options in the ND community, weve decided to take the SakeBomb Garage / MiataSpeed ND-RZ+ wheel project off the back burner, and finally get it out to production!
Introducing the 17x9 +45 ND RZ+ Forged track wheel!
We have been refining the engineering and designing for the ND RZ+ wheel for almost and are excited to finally get this out to the ND community. We already have quite a few cars with RZ+ wheels on track for other chassis out in the wild for track prepped FD RX7s (S2000 and NSX in the works) with stellar reviews. Obviously the ND market is a bit more price sensitive, however weve pulled out every stop to make this wheel as affordable and as feature packed as we possibly could.
Designed exclusively for the ND chassis!
Like our custom hlins kits, AP brake kits, etc., we feel that they fill a void in the ND wheel arena for customers looking for a light, strong, well engineered dedicated track wheek.
Theyre not cheap, but in the long run we feel that theyre actually a fantastic deal!
ND Specific SakeBomb/MiataSpeed RZ+ Forged Wheel:
*Fully Forged* dedicated track wheel (not flow formed/cast/etc)
17x9 +45 square (no fender roll required)Modeled after the super rare RZ RX7 wheel
Weight optimized at 15.4lbs while retaining additional load margin for track abuse
Correct PCD, center bore (no centering rings), offset - made specifically for the ND
Knurled bead seats to prevent tire slippage under FEA + physical sample failure load testing
$2345 Retail ($1995 pre-order group buy - available now, limited spots)
Optional matching RZ+ forged all-metal center caps (same as shown)
Gunmetal in production now!
Expected delivery date January 2020
We have a few renders and pictures below. Click here for special Pre-Order / Group-Buy pricing while available->
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